Coming soon this summer...

So, we're two and a half months into Lockdown. No doubt, like me, you are just about used to your entire life having shifted online - school, work, parties, festivals, dating, shopping. What I've missed most is the comics festivals. I always look forward to meeting up with other comics creators, talking to comics lovers about my own work and, of course, selling comics!

Online festivals are not the same but it looks like there will be some cool advantages to being virtual this year. The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, for example, will provide realtime and archived access to all the festival events - talks, panels, workshops etc. - and the usual Clocktower market has become a massive online shop, with links to all sorts of publications, merchandise and print-on-demand stuff. How cool is that??

I will be launching... drumroll, please... the third instalment of Who Killed JoJo? Yay! It's called Club Tropicana (after the Wham song) and it's on my drawing board right now. Announcements and details coming soon on twitter and Instagram @gingerdoodles


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