Thought Bubble part 2

Well, so much for thinking my trip to Yorkshire would be my last busy weekend of 2019!
Having nothing much in my diary did not mean taking a break and reacquainting myself with the garden. I've been almost as busy since my return, catching up with the friends that I saw at Thought Bubble and sorting out all the 'merchandise' I've accumulated through the year.
All these (except the pencils) are available in my shop
I DID manage to get all the tender, tropical plants packed away in my greenhouse, but the garden had to go back to being neglected...

...because I still had lots of 'end of the year' jobs to finish, like my tax return! (done) And registering The Studio for the Surrey Artists' Open Studio event in 2020 (done). I also popped up to London, to the The Cartoon Museum, to catch-up with some of the comics makers I'd missed in Yorkshire. It was a Laydeez Do Comics night, with Zara Slattery and Myfanwy Tristram presenting talks about their current works-in-progress, both of which were awesome!

Then I got a 'paid comics gig' all the way from Los Angeles, California (thank's to a recommendation from another Thought Bubble friend, Lucy Sullivan. Thanks Lucy!x) It was a commission to illustrate a page in a comics anthology called Hey Amateur! which is going to press next week! So, I only had a few days to send roughs and artwork. More information about the publication when I get it, but I believe it's early next year. Watch this space.
A panel (remind you of anyone?)
Once I'd sent the final artwork page, at lunchtime on Sunday, I took a breath and switched to my final (I think!) big project of the year, the book I'm editing for Rye Meadows Wetland.
Another cover idea
I had originally planned to have it finished and off to press by now, but that's clearly not going to happen. Its taking shape, though, so I'll post any publication news here in the New Year.

I've several exciting things happening in January including a talk to the Leatherhead and District Historical Society about my comic 'Mary & Agnes' and the research I did for the BBC ALBA film. Later in January I'm running a Drypoint printing workshop in Mickleham, which I'm really looking forward to. Then, in the blink of an eye it will be summer and all the fairs and conventions will start again. Phew! Look out 2020!


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