2 New Comics!

'Mary and Agnes' is here!
If you caught the documentary about the President's Mother last month (one of my big projects this year),
BBC ALBA, Mast-Ard Studios
and wondered about the work in progress that was featured,

well, here it is!
It's the true story of teenagers Mary Ann Macleod, from the Isle of Lewis, and her Dundee pen pal, Agnes (my gran), and their 70 year friendship.
You might already have guessed the astonishing twist in Mary's tale (yes, she is Donald Trump's mum), but both girls had great life stories and this comic tells a bit more about Agnes' emigration adventure, too. I've just 100 copies, beautifully printed in full colour by Awesome Merchandise, and they're already in my shop and selling fast.
Just £6 with free P&P and there's a special limited edition gift with every copy bought online. So pop over to my shop or click the button above.

My second 2019 comic launch will be 'Who Killed JoJo? Episode 2'. I know I have lots of fans who will be very glad to hear that it's almost finished and will be off to press as soon as it's proofed (and spell checked!) so that it's printed in time for Thought Bubble 2019 in Harrogate. Hurrah!


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