2019 Plans

There are so many events and projects planned for 2019 that I've just had no time to tell you about it, until now!
The Studio will be taking part in SAOS 2019 (Surrey Artists' Open Studios) in June (I'm sharing my space with fellow artist, Tania Busschau), but before then I've got heaps of other creative stuff going on all over the place.

I've been busy making Lino prints (above) and I'm developing last year's cyanotypes on linens for a series of workshops in the summer.
Progress is continuing on 'Who Killed JoJo?', my graphic novel which was shortlisted for 2 awards last year. But I've also begun a shorter comic, as yet untitled, which is all about dancing (above). I'm having loads of fun drawing my characters leaping and pirouetting across the pages!
And I mustn't forget to tell you the exciting news from Rye Meadows. We are making a book! It's still in the early stages and I'll post updates in the next few months, but I can say that we want to publish in mid-2020 and it will be available here, via my SHOP link, as well as local events and book shops. You will also be able to buy the Rye Meadows mugs which I designed last year (one of three designs can be seen above). Details coming soon.


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