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  1. Hi Cathy
    Belated (very!) congratulations on your publishing success. You may remember we were at Therfield Comp at the same time - Alison Burt (now Smith). Elizabeth McDonough (now Doak) told me you were published and then I came across your blog via a SCBWI member who had linked you from theirs. I'm an aspiring author - having done an MA in Writing for Children at the Uni of WInchester I'm currently finalising my second, middle grade historical novel in the hope of landing an agent....
    Good luck with your future ventures - your books look great!



  2. Hi Alison,
    Wow! Wonderful to hear from you. Do you ever go to SCBWI events? We must meet up and talk books. Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? It would be lovely to keep in touch.
    Best regards,


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