Books Are My Bag

Did you go to a BOOKS ARE MY BAG party yesterday at your local bookshop? If you did, then wooooo, fun wasn't it?! If you didn't, you might have noticed a few buildings completely covered with orange balloons and bunting and wondered what all the bloomin' fuss was about. Well, the fuss is about bookshops, which, despite ebooks and online sales, are still very cool places to visit. Especially when you pop in on a wet Saturday and meet amazing people like these...
A 'bag' of lovely authors (and poets) who were all at Barton's Bookshop, Leatherhead, yesterday - Antonia Cridland, John Griffin, Liam McCann, Roz Morris, Geoff Saunders and Harriet Steel (Prue). Oh, and Peter (with the very funky matching orange watch strap) who invited us to his BOOKS ARE MY BAG party! I forgot to draw Cameron. Sorry Cameron.


  1. It was a terrific do. Fabulous drawing of us all, Cathy. I'm sorry I never got round to writing a poem about us all. The queue of customers all wanting me to sign their books was just too long (in my dreams!). If I think of something I'll let you know. I'm enjoying "Everything is Fine".

  2. Hi Cathy... I think it's a good illustration for Books Are My Bag


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