A Perfect Holiday Read

What are you doing this summer? Will you go to the beach ? Might you slob about and read lots of books? Will you hang out with your friends and flirt with someone you fancy? Will you be waiting and hoping for something exciting to happen?

If your answer to all of these questions is 'yes' then you are just like Esther, the girl in my latest book. Esther's story begins on the last day of term and the start of the summer holidays. This week, in fact! If you get a copy now you can follow her story in real time.

But that's not the only reason you should put EVERYTHING IS FINE (AND OTHER LIES I TELL MYSELF) at the top of your holiday reading list. I think you will love Esther's story because it is full to the brim with sunshine, surfers, movie stars and beach parties. Not to mention having to cope with a troubled family, a heart-breaking mystery and a massive storm.

A perfect summer holiday read. Click here to buy it?


  1. Hi Cathy. John Griffin here, poet and fellow Barton's author. Terrific to meet you today and thanks again for signing your book for me. Love your brilliant drawings. I was wondering if you would mind my using your sketch of me on my website and, of course, I will put a link to your site. All the best of luck with your terrific books. John.

  2. Hi John, of course you can use the drawing. Lovely to meet you at Barton's. what a great day it was, despite the rain and lack of customers. Cx


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