Work in Progress

I'm painting and drawing like crazy at the moment, creating the illustrations for my new novel. As always, there will be loads of pictures. It's bliss being able to draw all day instead of typing. Although it's great to write, I really love making the images. It's my favourite bit. A lot of the story takes place on a beach so I'm drawing surfboards and wetsuits and cool teenagers having fun . . . as well as coping with some serious traumas. It's a real tear-jerker, doesn't yet have a title (maybe this week) and will be hitting the shelves in May 2013! Here's a sneak peek for those who can't wait that long.
BREAKING NEWS: The title has been confirmed! It's 'Everything is Fine - and other lies I tell myself'. The character above is the heroine, Esther. She's clearly NOT fine. In fact, she's about as far from 'fine' as it's possible to be. Poor Esther.


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