Lying Workshop @ Swindon Library
I've just had a crazy week. It started with a return to the demands of the art department at school after the half-term break (argh!) and ended with the news that Scarlett Dedd has been longlisted for a book prize (Yay! More details when I get some). In between, I was busier than I've been all year - running around the art department, teaching, writing, drawing, blogging, tweeting and crossing the country to events.
There were two highlights. Yesterday I gave a talk to some of my colleagues and pupils at school, which was lovely and a new experience for me as I usually don't know my audiences. And on Thursday I travelled over to Swindon Library to do a workshop as part of their Youth Festival of Literature.
I had a room packed full of eager work-shoppers, whom I discovered were very talented indeed - especially at lying, which was the theme of my workshop (in honour of Verity Fibbs.) You can see some of their brilliant artwork above.
I don't have any idea why, but Swindon-ites seemed most inspired by the 'what I ate for lunch?' question. Perhaps they were all hungry. I didn't ask. Their bizarre suggestions included lobster with lemongrass (yum), roasted whale (a diet food apparently!), worms and cockroaches, rats, invisible cream, giant pies, enormous sandwiches made by dinosaur/dragons, lots of jelly and camel seasoned with rabbit droppings with a side order of cat fluff!!! A very weird menu and, of course, all 100% LIES!


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