Telling Fibs in Norwich

Some pics from Norwich
I visited the amazing Norwich Library yesterday. It's huge, impressive, seriously cool and, I'm told, lends more books than any other in the country. And that's the truth! 100%! I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.
I had to write all that because nobody believes a word that I say anymore. It's all because of my new 'LYING' Workshop. In my latest book Verity Fibbs, the heroine, does a lot of pretending. Verity pretends to be someone else, pretends she's not scared when things go wrong and pretends that she doesn't have a crush on the boy she met at the airport. She lies all the time - to her mum, her best friend and finally to herself.
In honour of Verity's epic lies, I decided to do a creative writing workshop at Norwich Library that was all about NOT telling the truth. The results were phenomenal - buildings inside glass bottles, giraffes shopping in Accessorize, elephants squishing cars, zombies, fairies and swarms of bees! Trouble is, the super-talented workshoppers are now so good at telling lies that nobody will believe what they say ever again!


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