Juggling Chainsaws

Since my first book was published back in 2009, I've understood why the word 'juggling' is entirely apt when describing a busy life. Two or three balls flipped in to the air (work, family, domestic tasks) are a doddle for any self-respecting clown - even one wearing enormous shoes and a comedy wig. But, throw in a chair, a sword, a couple of pineapples and a chainsaw, and the act becomes alot more interesting, rather dangerous and somewhat like my life as an author! Juggling the roles of part-time art teacher, full-time auntie and domestic goddess is easy-peasy. When you add illustrating books by other writers, blogging, tweeting, delivering schools workshops, promoting book 3, editing book 4 and planning/writing book 5, then you've got a pretty awesome spectacle. If I concentrate, and keep the comedy wig out of my eyes, I can keep them all impressively tumbling without losing a limb. As long as I don't trip on those enormous shoes.


  1. I'm sure all the juggling will lead to one of the best acts around :D Not that the act isn't amazing already!


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