Badgers and Hedgehogs Rock!!!

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I visited Surrey Hills School this morning and had an awesome time with the Year 4s. Thank you to Miss Kong for inviting me and thank you to the other teachers and the pupils for making me so welcome. What a talented bunch you all are. I was blown away by your creative character ideas and some very beautiful artwork (which I've posted here). As always, there were some funny and weird suggestions (my favourites) like 'poison spit', 'sticky feet' and 'a pet giant spider with poisonous fangs'! The best names were 'Olli-zilla' and 'Isabel Invisible'. Brilliant!


  1. You were very welcome and the children loved it! They certainly are a talented bunch and your talk will have inspired even greater things. Thank you.
    Today the children dressed up as a favourite book character, so the classroom included Scarlett Dedd and Ember Fury - very convincing they were too! Many thanks again and good luck with your forthcoming book. Nicki Kong


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