Time Travel, Poison Spit and Suffragettes!

I've just had a brilliant morning at The Ashcombe School. Thanks so much to everyone (especially Mrs Page). I had a wonderful time and didn't want to leave. Not only were the characters developed in workshop simply amazing (shape-shifters, lethal saliva and a megalomaniac who wanted total God powers!) but I got chatting with a group of cool girls about one of my fave subjects - Suffragettes! When I left, they were searching online for the shocking film footage from Epsom Race Course (which is just a few miles away) in 1913, when a Suffragette, Emily Davison, leapt in front of the King's horse. Her dramatic, and fatal, protest is probably one of the earliest examples of the type of newsreel footage that is now very familiar. It's grainy and black and white but no less dramatic, powerful, upsetting and, ultimately, opinion-changing.

The girls have inspired me to get out my 'suffragette' book manuscript again. Perhaps I'll include a Suffragette character in the TV drama script I'm writing too.


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