No pink?

Astonishingly, my wardrobe is lacking something (I thought it was far too vast and extensive). What, you ask, do I NOT have squashed into cupboards, drawers and suitcases under the bed (where you'll find 9 coats, 7 denim jackets, 12 pairs of black trousers, 37 tops, 12 dresses, 9 cardigans, 10 skirts, 70 pairs of shoes, pashminas, scarves, t-shirts and so on...)? The answer, as you may have guessed, is anything pink. Nothing. Nil. Nowt. Plenty of blue, grey, black and a bit of green and beige, but absolutely no pink. I don't even have pink accessories. And why is this the subject of my blog? Well, I'm visiting a school on Friday where all the students will be wearing this particular colour and I've been invited to join them. Hmm... might have to go shopping and build another extension on my wardrobe.


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