Maximum LOL!

OMG! I'm exhausted! Just got back from a full-on signing, sketching and spookin' afternoon at Waterstone's Crawley. Thanks to everyone who posed for my character sketches ESPECIALLY Vicky and Nicky!!! You girls are... words fail me! Safe to say, you are going STRAIGHT INTO MY NEXT BOOK! I haven't laughed so much in years and your hilarious (Haribo-fueled?) chat is still making me chuckle! I was certain that at any moment the Waterstone's staff were going to call security and have you removed from the building... just like when the same thing happened to Nicky yesterday, and they had to peel her off Tom from The Wanted at Tescos!! (Apparently!) Now THERE'S a story! He he he... see, still chuckling! Oh, BTW, N and V, make sure you go back to collect your books... with some money! Meh!


  1. I love it when an author bases the characters on real people, I think it makes the book so much better! I love Ember Fury and I can't wait to read Scarlett Dedd!!xxxx

  2. Hello Cathy. Nicky here from waterstones- Creawly :)
    I am currently reading Scarlett Dedd. And may i just say that is my fav book ever!!!!! I love it so much and i simply cannot wait to read Ember Fury! Please keep me up to date with your new book. I would love do see if my and Vicky pop up :) Meh!! ;) xxxxx


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