Phoenix Writers' Circle

There were yet more new members at the Writers' Group meeting last night and what a dynamic fascinating group we now are! Talented too! I always come away from those two and a half hours of literary chat every month with my head brimming with plots for new books and ideas for TV mini-series. Today, I am finding it almost impossible to get to work on my real commissions - the ones that are going to pay my bills - because I want to revisit an old picture-book idea (Pete the poet's fault!) and start writing the six part historical drama I started to plot last year. I wish I could clone myself and do all of it! In fact, whenever this suggestion comes up in my 'Superhero Powers' workshops (and it always does) I chuckle and imagine how cool it would be to be able to work on twenty projects at once. I've decided to go to the Mole Valley Scriptwriters meeting in a couple of weeks too. Argh! Am I making a huge mistake? How many clones will I need after that?!
BTW Congrats to Pete on his greetings card deal!
Well deserved and brilliant!


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