'definitely has boy appeal'

I read a great review of Scarlett Dedd today (The Book Zone [for boys] http://bit.ly/bwqRL2) that I wanted to share with you, mainly because it confirmed my hunch that Scar & Co. would appeal to boys. Prior to publishing, when I discussed the plot and characters in 'Scarlett' with students in my school workshops, I got the most fantastic feedback, but particularly from the boys. They liked the humour but mostly, I think, they loved the comedy gore-fest!! Not having any knowledge of what it's like to be a teenage boy, I sometimes worry about seeing the world only through girl's eyes, but I have learned from my students, that boys and girls are not so different and there are some things we ALL enjoy and appreciate. Boys don't mind a little bit of romance and are not instantly switched off by 'feelings' (though they'll never admit it). And girls enjoy thrilling adventures and a bit of gore too!!


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