What an interesting day! Did the school run with my nieces but arrived early so I could be impressed by their freaky pumpkin. Are they supposed to grow that big? Beginning to wonder if it's a mutated seed that fell from space... that will become a pod... and absorb one of my nieces and turn her into an alien monster... no, that's already happened! Only kidding!
Returned home to get on with my novel and ended up writing an hilarious scene between my two brand new star characters. They lied 58 times! In one scene! It's going to be a bit like counting all the f-words in a Quentin Tarrantino film. Count the fibs!
I have a bit of a cold today, which is fine in the winter when you can tuck yourself up in a warm bed and drink hot lemon, but a nightmare when the sun is shining and it's 27° in the shade! I can't tell if I have a fever or not, but I feel pretty rotten... or perhaps I'm not sick, just about to be absorbed by the giant pod and turned into an alien monster...


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