My day of drawing yesterday was super-dooper-productive. I gave my new heroine a sizzling style make-over inspired by a unique LA celeb I've long admired (a secret for now). Her BFF has a funky new wardrobe too and it's given the book a whole new glamorous twist. It's taken a while to get to know my characters but, from past experience, it's really important that I draw them profusely before setting them off on their adventure. I have already half-filled my new sketchbook and am going to tackle the 'dangerous' characters today. Ooo, scary!


  1. How do you manage to keep your blog up to date? Even when no one comments...
    Sorry.. :P I'm just woundering because I struggle to keep my own blogs up to date :P

    Sounds like you've had a great time lately! :)
    P.s, your drawings are amazing! :D


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