Had an awesome day at Woking High School yesterday. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome, especially Miss Watson. One of the most creative days I've ever spent in a school - students with loads of energy and fizzing with ideas. I particularly liked Ben's demon (very useful for my current book!) and chatting to him about games and other important stuff. I also loved Harris' devil story - totally terrifying and it gave me nightmares! Thanks to the girls I spoke to at lunch and afternoon break for giving me feedback on my new plot ideas - always brilliant to chat to my readers (have you started your own 'Stitch & Bitch' group yet?). I even had the opportunity to discuss comic books, superheros and pyromania with an expert (fire fighter) over fish'n'chips at lunch time - how cool is that?! I'm looking forward to my return visit in September when 'Scarlett Dedd' is published. Yay Woking! Have a great summer and see you soon.


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