Awesome day at Hounsdown School in Southampton yesterday with Sam from Headline. What a terrific school and a brilliant Festival. Hope it becomes a regular event. Thanks so much to everyone for making us welcome, especially our lovely chauffeurs to and from the station (and the quiche was SO yummy!). Contributing to the 'Diary Room - What is your favourite book?' video was probably the hardest thing I've ever done at an event, but I think I managed something coherent! Not sure as I was so tired by the end if the day that it's all a bit of a blur!
The train journey, there and back, gave me a great chance to chat with Sam (Eades) about her inspired plans for 'Scarlett Dedd' publicity (which she is handling) and to natter about the 'Deathly Hallows Trailer', how cool Neil Gaiman is and other very serious subjects!!


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