Another bangin' day at The Howard!! (AND I'm going back on Friday to sign more books!) I've been looking through the amazing characters created over two days of workshops because I promised that I'd post some of them here. Almost impossible to choose as I loved so many of them... but, here are the costumes and character ideas that stood out: Dominic's' Time Man', Charlotte's 'Aqua Girl', 'Lupius' by Edward, Peter's 'Super Shifter', Hayley's green spotty wellies (!), 'Jessie Frizzo' by Florence, 'Uniboy' by Hamish, the bright costume of 'Vanish' by Vanisha, 'Parima Green' by Lucy, 'Pyro Guy' by Callum, 'Tara the Goth' by Jessie, Oliver's 'Do It Man', 'Ebony' by Issy... AND I've scanned my faves (see above).


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