'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
Reading 'Screenplay' by Syd Field at the moment (in fact, it's keeping me awake all night) and I mean REALLY reading it, not skimming through under the mistaken opinion that I'd read the same advice elsewhere, in other 'how to...' books. SO wrong! It's full of such inspiration, amazing insights and observations - a complete revelation. Not only that, I now find myself looking back at everything I've ever written and seeing it for the rubbish that it is! I want to rewind and start my writing career all over again. I was scribbling notes for books 3 and 4, in bed at 2.15 this morning, even tempted to get up and walk the ten or so paces to my laptop to start major re-writes! NO, Cathy! Must focus on 'Scarlett Dedd', make her perfect, then start getting 'Dot' and 'Echo' into shape in November/December. Not for the first time, I'm reminded why my motto is 'Too much to do, too little time'.


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