I took a short break from Scarlett Dedd and her friends this weekend, to type the synopsis for a new book. I've had this 2012 idea in my head for a couple of weeks but have only just worked out how to end the story. It's gonna be very dramatic! It's full of surprises and huge plot twists too. I'm writing it as three separate first person narratives and am really enjoying developing their different voices. The characters are in their late teens and I love being able to give them slightly more freedom than I've allowed the characters in previous books. More risk-taking and loads more passion. I'm so excited about writing it that I'm hardly getting any sleep at the moment. There are never enough hours in a day... or days in a week... etc. The only solution is to be more disciplined. I am designing a super-efficient filing system to keep all the characters and plots in order. They have been having a wild party in my head, but now it's over and time to go back to business! I plan to do some work on Dot this week too as I want to finish a first draft this summer (as the book is set during the holidays). My other project is more problematic. It features one of my favourite characters from 'Ember Fury' and I need to do alot more research. It's a sort of prequel and the plot is partly about the reasons he ended up at Orchard Farm. Better stop wasting my time typing this then!!


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