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(with Jo Cotterill)

Deadly Swarm
(with Jo Cotterill)

Invisible Thieves
(with Jo Cotterill)

Having celebrity parents isn't as hot as it sounds.  Yes, there's money to burn, fame and some smoking guys... but when your dad's more interested in blazing a trail to the top of the charts than why you got kicked out of school, again, It can make you seriously angry.  And if there's one thing Ember knows, it's that the smallest spark of anger can ignite a whole heap of trouble...
"A wonderful book about tragedy, family, loss, reconciliation and friendship! 
It's as much a work of art as it is an awesome story."
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I'm dead!  Which, in case you're wondering, totally sucks!  
Left in limbo, bored to death and fearing her friendless state is terminal, an ominous idea pops into Scarlett's head.  Can Scarlett really execute her grim plan?  Or will it turn out to be a fatal and very messy mistake?
"Brilliantly written and belly-achingly funny."  Empire of Books
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Real life doesn't come with a replay button.  
Verity means truth.  Fibs are lies.  And Verity Fibbs is an expert at twisting both.
My mum is glamorous fashion designer, Saffron Fibbs (true) and I can do what ever I like while she's in New York (false) I look exactly like her (true) and it's totally fine for me to pretend to be her at a celebrity night spot to impress a  boy (false) I love playing online role-play game, Demon Streets (true) but I'm not addicted to it (false)
"A thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat." The Bookbag
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'Everything is Fine (And Other lies I Tell Myself)'
Esther's family is falling apart and her summer is stretching ahead of her full of, well, nothing. So when she discovers the beginnings of a mystery hidden in her family's crumbling guest house (letters from a soldier in the trenches of WW1) she can't help but investigate. Maybe piecing together the jigsaw of someone else's life and the devastation of lost love will help her see how to reassemble her own troubled family...
"Unforgettable" The Book Nook
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Joe is a keen artist, a keen artist with a massive crush on Honey. Unfortunately Honey is dating Cal and he is nothing but a bully. When Joe imagines all the horrible things that could happen to Cal and draws them, horrible things begin happening - and other drawings start to appear before his very eyes. Is it possible he could literally draw his dreams into reality? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers of 12+

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Laydeez Day

This weekend I'm heading up to London for the Laydeez Do Comics Award event. I'm really excited that 'Who Killed Jo-jo?', my first long-form comic, is on the shortlist. I'm awfully chuffed to have been selected alongside such talented artists and it feels like an enormous stamp of approval for my 30-year plan to become a bona fide graphic novelist! Better late then never, eh?

If you are anywhere near London, do come over to the Free Word Centre tomorrow (24th March) where you will be able to read ALL the submitted comics as zines, and meet loads of amazing comics creators, male and female! It's free but you need to book.

Rubber Stamping

We were only 4, because of the snow, but Saturday's rubber stamping workshop was a huge success. I invited friends to be my guinea pigs so I could test timings and smooth out technical details. The results were great.
Peter made his own logo stamps and printed them on a book bag, while Lisa and Dorothy created wonderful designs which we printed on kraft paper greetings cards.

I'll be running the smoothed-out version of the same workshop during Surrey Artist's Open Studios in June, so check back here for details in a month or two. More workshops are planned for the summer, too, including Cyanotype Printing on Fabric and Making Your Own Folding Hardcover Sketchbook.
Thank you Lisa Boyce for the photographs.

Hi Fest 2017

I'll be launching 3 new hand-printed gift and card collections at Hi Fest next weekend (2nd and 3rd December) - 'Paper Town, 'Memento Medical' and 'I Love Tea'.
Hi Fest 2017 Hastings Illustration Festival Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December 11am - 6pm The Printworks 14 Claremont America Ground Hastings East Sussex TN34 1HA