Electrigirling Again

If you are reading this because you have read and enjoyed  ELECTRIGIRL (by Jo Cotterill and me!)  - yay! - then you might know that there will be another. ELECTRIGIRL and the DEADLY SWARM is published in August. Hurrah!
You may also imagine that it is sitting there, printed in large quantities, wrapped in another eye-popping cover, in boxes, in some gigantic book warehouse, waiting to be delivered to all you lovely booksellers and readers as soon as the peeps at Oxford University Press hit the 'publish' button. Well, erm, actually, it's still on my drawing board. Eek! I am just about to ink up and finish the final artwork, which I'm rather looking forward to as Jo Cotterill has written a brilliant, fast-paced story that gets my heart racing every time I think about it! Here's a sneaky peak of a key scene...

I can't show you WHAT are awesome. That would give the story away! But I can tell you that not only are they awesome but they are extra blooming' scary too. Yikes!
You've probably noticed that there is a new character, the chap with the striped T. He's great, very funny and gets up to all sorts of mischief. All your favourite familiar characters are there as well, of course - Holly, her brother Joe and her best friend Imogen. I've loved drawing them again. In fact, I'd better stop doing this and get back to my drawing board if I'm going to get this book to you by August!


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