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Studio Update

So, a couple (or three) deadlines have passed, I'm no nearer to moving in and the garden is still in chaos. The main problem has been not having a foreman on site so important details have been missed and mistakes made. Yesterday, while I was at Uni, having fun...
... Mum and Dad were dealing with yet another no show from the builders. Really frustrating! They had to call Green Studios HQ again to complain about the lack of communication and the state of the site. My poor parents are well and truly fed up with the mess and the repeated delays.
Anyway, the plastering is done, the oak floor is down and the electrician has completed most of the second fix. But, outside it's a different story, with cladding and facia boards to finish, roof tiles to be cemented and a lot of rubbish that needs to be cleared.
We have two lovely guys here today (after Dad's phone call to the boss, I expect) dealing with the utilities trench and generally giving the garden a well-needed tidy-up. On…

How to Build a Kit House

After that horribly slow first week, the studio is now taking shape at lightning speed. I've been compiling a folder of before during and after photos and the transformation is incredibly exciting.
Just look at these!
The garden has gone from this... this (levelling the site and moving the summer house)... this (36 holes dug and filled again)... this (the 'kit' arrives on site, all at once!)... this (the 'kit' is assembled')... this. All since this time last year! Those last two shots were just days apart. Amazing, isn't it? I'm actually due to get the keys by the end of next week so pop back for the final reveal.