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Furniture but no house!

In just over a week the builders will arrive on site! Hurrah! In the meantime I've been choosing flooring, scheduling plumbers and buying taps. I've also become slightly addicted to eBay which is a bit of a problem as I've run out of storage space. This week I bought two beautiful Ercol armchairs and a massive chest of drawers which just about fill the dining room. Then yesterday two more chairs arrived - a birthday gift from Mum and Dad - and, although they are meant for the garden, I've brought them in to the conservatory while I finish oiling them. I think the 'rents are now rather eager for the studio to be completed so they can have their house back!

Green Light!

Ready, steady... BUILD! I've designed the kitchen, calculated U-values, sourced sockets, signed off the final plans and paid the deposit! We are ready to build on 14th September. In the meantime I've got two books to write and illustrate, a holiday to take and an MA to prepare for!!!