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Moving to a new studio (eventually!) has made me look back on all the projects I have completed at Abinger Cottage. My first published books and many illustration commissions were created in my tiny second bedroom or on my renovated gate leg dining room table (that I'm about to put on eBay!).It will be hard to leave the house where my characters were born; where Ember Fury's conversations with her invisible friend in a WW2 bomb shelter made me giggle 'til my sides ached; where I punched the air when Verity Fibbs escaped from two miserable goth assassins by driving over the Millenium Bridge; where Esther Armstrong and her brothers broke my heart and made me cry for hours.  More recently, that (solid oak, great condition and yours for 99p) dining room table was where Jo Cotterill and I worked out some of our early ideas for ELECTRIGIRL, our exciting new collaboration (published Feb and Aug 2016 by OUP). All this nostalgia deserves a retrospective, so here are the last 12 years…