Monday, 10 March 2014

Pop Up Hackney

East London is full to bursting with authors this week. It's an event called Pop Up Hackney and I was at Clapton Girls Academy this morning to talk with year 7s. It was one of my best workshops EVER!
The pupils had already read my book, Graphic, and I suspect they actually knew the story better than I did. We chatted about drawing and how I started writing. They seemed to like my illustrations but the girls pulled faces when I showed them some of the comedy horror books. Clapton girls are not fond of flies, spiders, slime and squished ghost 10-year-olds!
They asked me some excellent questions, particularly about how to get better at drawing. Here is a link to my 10,000 Hours blog for the answer.
We then tackled 'what we would draw if our drawings became real' (which was more of an opportunity to draw cats and cool fashion - always My fave activity) and here are some of the results...
I have always wanted to have a pair of wings (it would make travelling so much easier) so this is what I drew...

...and one of the pupils kindly offered to colour it in for me. I think I should give her a job as my assistant.
Before I left I was delighted by a surprise presentation - they had made a card/book with me on the front...
...and their own awesome portraits inside. They'd all signed it too. I've NEVER be given anything so fabulous! Thank you girls! xxxxx
One last picture. On my way from the station I happened to glance upward and saw this..., huh?

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