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Ginger's Daily Doodles No.1

This is my first post of 2014!
What? Surely not?
I'm afraid so. *hangs head in shame* It's February and this is the first time I've post on my own blog!
Well, I could say that I've been seduced away to make lots of guest appearances on other people's blogs (which is true but a feeble excuse). I could say that I've been working like a mad thing since November 2013 and haven't had a moment to myself (which is also true but, again, pretty feeble).
So, I've resolved to pull up my socks and turn over a new leaf (and use more clich├ęs) and post here EVERY DAY.
Yes, a daily doodle. Ginger's Daily Doodles, in fact.

My intention is to bring you a daily snapshot of what ever is on my desk. Sometimes it will be a sketchbook scribble or a rough drawing, sometimes completed artwork. I'll show you work in progress, through all stages and, if it's a secret project, I might post a fragment to tantalise you! I have several projects on the go at the moment so I thought I'd begin with a introductory handful...
Something from my sketchbook
Work in progress on 'Star School on Tour', book 3 in a series I've been doing with Michaela Morgan and Edition Didier.
A character from my own WIP. It's going to be amazing! Can't show you what he's looking at. Not yet.
A teaser from my thrilling collaboration project with Jo Cotterill.

One of the characters I'm developing for a very cool website. I'll let you know when they go live.
See you tomorrow.


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Another Door Closes...

I completed a two-year MA this week (Illustration and Book Arts at UCA, Farnham). It's been hard work studying part-time while keeping illustration commissions ticking over, but it's been worth the effort. I never truly went away, but now feel I'm 'returning' to my career reinvigorated.

MA Project exploring my grandmother's memoir and photographic archive

I've already re-focussed my brain on a new book, so thoroughly in fact that, when asked at the private view to talk about the my final MA pieces, I actually couldn't remember what I had done! Here is some of it...

From the final project, WHAT IS HIDDEN - a part work inspired by Hitchcock's' Rear Window'
The new book, a graphic novel, is currently just an outline and a sketchbook of ideas. It has a slightly older target audience than my previous work - YA and adult cross-over - and will develop visual themes I've been playing with for the last two years. I can't wait to show it to you.

Laydeez Day

This weekend I'm heading up to London for the Laydeez Do Comics Award event. I'm really excited that 'Who Killed Jo-jo?', my first long-form comic, is on the shortlist. I'm awfully chuffed to have been selected alongside such talented artists and it feels like an enormous stamp of approval for my 30-year plan to become a bona fide graphic novelist! Better late then never, eh?

If you are anywhere near London, do come over to the Free Word Centre tomorrow (24th March) where you will be able to read ALL the submitted comics as zines, and meet loads of amazing comics creators, male and female! It's free but you need to book.

Rubber Stamping

We were only 4, because of the snow, but Saturday's rubber stamping workshop was a huge success. I invited friends to be my guinea pigs so I could test timings and smooth out technical details. The results were great.
Peter made his own logo stamps and printed them on a book bag, while Lisa and Dorothy created wonderful designs which we printed on kraft paper greetings cards.

I'll be running the smoothed-out version of the same workshop during Surrey Artist's Open Studios in June, so check back here for details in a month or two. More workshops are planned for the summer, too, including Cyanotype Printing on Fabric and Making Your Own Folding Hardcover Sketchbook.
Thank you Lisa Boyce for the photographs.