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Friday-ly Doodle

I've left my studio and set up in the kitchen today. Bread to mix and birthday cakes to bake...

Daily Doodle

Fringe doodle...

Daily Doodle

I've a HUGE stack of drawings on my desk today after a marathon of character development sketching for my new project. I've just finished rubbing out all the pencil lines (ouch!) and am about to start scanning them. Wish me luck.Here's rather a grumpy character. The others are happier! Mostly.

Daily Doodle

Today I'm sketching a brand new character. He's awfully stylish. Look, waistcoat and flares! What a dude!

Sunday-ly Doodle(s)

Sunday chez Ginger is usually a stay-in-onesie-catch-up-on-TV-on-the-sofa day... ...but this week it was a seven-am-call-to-carry-out-emergency-tween-sitting day... ...which isn't as unpleasant as it sounds. I'm home now and back on the sofa. Shall I put the onsie back on?

Blue-dle Doodle

Rough Daily Doodle

Today's sketches are my very first scribbles for a new project. Pre rough, pre development, pre anything. Chances are none of the characters will look anything like this.

Sunshiny Daily Doodle

There was a strange and lovely phenomenon around here today - smiles on every face. And I'm pretty sure this happiness epidemic was caused by the return of something we've rather missed this winter. Sunshine! It was so sunny and so warm (out if the wind) that I even sat on my back door step drinking tea and soaking up a massive dose if vitamin D. It was bliss.

Half-Term Doodle

Planned a lovely day with the nieces and took sketchbooks, pens and the brand new project briefs for their input (they are my own personal creative/editorial team). However, after enthusiastically reading Karen McCombie's book manuscript (which 11YO niece thought was awesome), we actually ended up watching funny kitten videos for... well... the rest of the day.

London Fashion Week Daily Doodle

My fave look from the London catwalks. Every wardrobe needs wellies and balaclavas.

Great Doodle Bake-Off

While kneading bread dough this afternoon I marveled at the process that causes flour, water and yeast (and a large pinch of salt) to rise... it's ALIVE!

Daily Doodle - On Ice

A discussion of Men's Olympic Figure Skating inspired today's doodle. Apparently, the boys' costumes are prettier than the girls'. And so is their hair.

Daily Doodle - Star Wars Edition

Watched Star Wars with the nieces last night...

Valentine Day-ly Doodle


Daily Doodle - Mufti Day

As, apparently, I wear mufti every day, my niece has instructed me to wear school uniform today...

Daily Doodle

Character development from today's sketchbook. And a cockatoo!

Portsmouth Book Award 2014

The shortlisted books for the Portsmouth Book Award 2014 (longer novel) were announced yesterday and I'm thrilled to finally  be able to share with you that 'Everything Is Fine (And Other Lies I Tell Myself) is one of them. Well done Esther, Molly 'Funbags', Gull, Byron, Bruised Boy and all the other beach bums! Not forgetting Freddie and Dot, of course.

The four other shortlisted books look totally awesome.

 The judges of the award are 146 Year 8/9 pupils in Portsmouth who've now got a lot of reading to do! They alone (not teachers, librarians or parents) will be permitted to vote for the winner, which I think is brilliant. After all, these books weren't written for teachers, librarians and parents, were they?
Happy reading Portsmouth!

Daily Doodle

My polka dot brolly has been getting some extended use recently. I've even been bidding on some wellies to match. What are the odds on my winning the auction and it stops raining?

Daily Doodle No. 5

Kept the heating off for as long as possible today, which gave me an excuse to wear my favourite jumper. It's gone quite baggy from constant washing, drying and snuggling, but is also warm as toast. Got to love an oversize polo neck!

Daily Doodle No. 4

If werewolves wore flip flops...

Daily Doodle No.3

Completing artwork for the 3rd Star School book today and adding comedy touches like these guys.

Daily Doodle No.2

Here's today's doodle...
Inspired by illustrator Sarah McIntyre's recent discovery of Angel Delight... it's a Strawberry* Moose!

*Also available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Butterscotch and Raspberry.

Ginger's Daily Doodles No.1

This is my first post of 2014!
What? Surely not?
I'm afraid so. *hangs head in shame* It's February and this is the first time I've post on my own blog!
Well, I could say that I've been seduced away to make lots of guest appearances on other people's blogs (which is true but a feeble excuse). I could say that I've been working like a mad thing since November 2013 and haven't had a moment to myself (which is also true but, again, pretty feeble).
So, I've resolved to pull up my socks and turn over a new leaf (and use more clich├ęs) and post here EVERY DAY.
Yes, a daily doodle. Ginger's Daily Doodles, in fact.

My intention is to bring you a daily snapshot of what ever is on my desk. Sometimes it will be a sketchbook scribble or a rough drawing, sometimes completed artwork. I'll show you work in progress, through all stages and, if it's a secret project, I might post a fragment to tantalise you! I have several projects on the go at …