Sketchin' and Skootin'

I'm thinking of getting a skooter.
I've been looking at pros and cons and, so far, all I have is two pros - cheaper than my mini and FUN - but a whole list of cons.
1 - I wouldn't ride it after dark (so, no winter social life).
2 - I wouldn't ride it in rain and snow (that's about 6 months of the year out, then).
3 - There would be no room for a big supermarket shop, IKEA furniture or a Christmas tree taller than about 2 feet.
4 - They don't call two-wheel travellers 'organ donors' because they have a social conscience (Surrey Hills lanes are not very safe).
5 - I would look ridiculous on a skooter!
I've just thought of another pro. I could actually park outside my own house at last, instead of half a mile away!!
There must be more good things about skootin'. Any ideas?
(P.S. Unlike the picture above, I would, of course, wear a crash helmet!)


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