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I have a new book coming out next month, yay! On May 9th, in fact. It feels like days, not a WHOLE YEAR, since I was writing it and now it's about to hit the bookshelves. It's been 12+ months of very hard work and I can't wait to show it to you. I'll be celebrating the launch of
'Everything Is Fine (And other Lies I Tell Myself)' with a small party at my favourite indie bookshop, Barton's in Leatherhead, on Saturday May 11th. You are invited to come along and have some Pimms (over 18s) and cake and, of course, to get a freshly minted 'signed' copy of the book.

New ideas that didn't set my hair on fire

There are a handful of questions that, without fail, infiltrate almost every Q&A session at the end of my writing/drawing workshops. I've been assured by other authors/illustrators that I'm not alone in regularly fielding this handful. They are: 1. Are you rich? (no), 2. Can I have some free books, please? (though, sadly, not always with the 'please'), 3. Are those really your drawings? (yes), 4. Can you put me in your next book? (the villain?) and 5. Where do you get your ideas from?

My replies to all five often disappoint, particularly the last one, because the answer is everywhere and everything. I'm sometimes a little more specific but that really is the most honest answer I can give. Sorry if it's not more romantic like nocturnal visits from a ghostly muse, or flashes of inspiration that set my hair on fire. Just, you know, standing at the Sainsbury's checkout and noticing a wobbly trolley wheel and thinking... car crash! (As you do. If you're…