I just got home from my favourite kind of day - chatting to readers... in a library... with lots of cake! What could be better?! I did lots of sketching too, which I always enjoy. Mostly because I get to talk to my 'victims' while I'm drawing and can ask them lots of questions about anything and everything. It's great research for my books. You can see some of my sketches above. Thank you to the Ashcombe Posse and everyone who posed and didn't complain about me taking absolutely ages because I was chatting and not concentrating!

I didn't have to travel far today because the event was at my local library in Dorking (see previous post) because it's National Libraries Day and because it has moved to a new location in the centre of the town. There were loads of people there, despite the finger-numbing icy weather (Brrrrrrrr!), checking out the cool new kids section, which has brilliant cave-like round seats set into the walls and a huge purple armchair (which I sat in, natch!)

The cakes were amazing - shaped like round lollies on sticks with multi-coloured icing. How did they do that?!! Thank you to Helen and Carol and Anna and all the staff whose names I've now completely forgotten (oops!) for taking care of me and for making the afternoon such fun.


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