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Telling Fibs in Norwich

Some pics from Norwich
I visited the amazing Norwich Library yesterday. It's huge, impressive, seriously cool and, I'm told, lends more books than any other in the country. And that's the truth! 100%! I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.
I had to write all that because nobody believes a word that I say anymore. It's all because of my new 'LYING' Workshop. In my latest book Verity Fibbs,the heroine, does a lot of pretending. Verity pretends to be someone else, pretends she's not scared when things go wrong and pretends that she doesn't have a crush on the boy she met at the airport. She lies all the time - to her mum, her best friend and finally to herself.
In honour of Verity's epic lies, I decided to do a creative writing workshop at NorwichLibrary that was all about NOT telling the truth. The results were phenomenal - buildings inside glass bottles, giraffes shopping in Accessorize, elephants squishing cars, zombies, fairies and swarms of be…

My Voice

I wrote a guest blog post for MyVoice. Check it out.


Just as I am starting to calm down after the launch of 'Verity Fibbs' and my heart is finally slowing to a normal rate, I get an exciting invitation and it's all a flutter once again! I'm about to start blogging on the most amazing site - Girls[Heart]Books. If you've never heard of it or checked it out and you are a girl who loves to read, then, OMG, how have you lived without Girls[Heart]Books all this time?!
You won't find my orange-haired photo in the author list just yet, but make a return visit next month and I shall probably be there, grinning stupidly at you!
I'll be posting about all sorts of stuff - what's happening in my studio, where I'm visiting and issues and ideas that concern or excite girls like us who 'heart' books. Of course, you'll also find blog posts by other amazing authors and be able to find out about their lives, their books and how they create them. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Ooo, my heart is thumping again. www.girlshear…

Verity Launched!

About 100 cakes scoffed in the first hour, a bookshop full of friends, excited fans and new readers, and five lucky prize winners - Hazel, Millie, Polly, Ellie and Alexandra - who win an assortment of original artwork, hoodies and goodie bags. The Verity Fibbs Launch Party was my favourite kind of fun. Oh, and I met a fellow artist and writer, Mary, who is super talented and can draw portraits LOADS better than me! Perhaps she'll let me feature some of her work here?

Verity Fibbs Launch Party

Planning a party is always fun. This one is gonna be brilliant! Come and meet my latest cast of cool characters, Verity Fibbs and her friends... and enemies, on Thursday 13th October, at Barton's Bookshop, Leatherhead. The party starts straight after school at 3.30 and there will be a quiz, prizes and lots of cake.