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Juggling Chainsaws

Since my first book was published back in 2009, I've understood why the word 'juggling' is entirely apt when describing a busy life. Two or three balls flipped in to the air (work, family, domestic tasks) are a doddle for any self-respecting clown - even one wearing enormous shoes and a comedy wig. But, throw in a chair, a sword, a couple of pineapples and a chainsaw, and the act becomes alot more interesting, rather dangerous and somewhat like my life as an author! Juggling the roles of part-time art teacher, full-time auntie and domestic goddess is easy-peasy. When you add illustrating books by other writers, blogging, tweeting, delivering schools workshops, promoting book 3, editing book 4 and planning/writing book 5, then you've got a pretty awesome spectacle. If I concentrate, and keep the comedy wig out of my eyes, I can keep them all impressively tumbling without losing a limb. As long as I don't trip on those enormous shoes.

Olympic Fever

I thought I was immune, but today I felt the first tiny shivers of Olympic Fever. I've been grumbling for the past month about the planned shut-down of our Surrey village for a test run of the London-Surrey Cycle Classic. Well, sure enough, the roads closed early this morning. I grumbled again about having to find alternative parking space and not being able to leave until the afternoon, then headed out to the village green to see what all the fuss was about.
By ten o-clock it seemed that the whole village was there, chatting, taking pics, drinking tea(!) and there was a kind of buzz in the air. This might actually be fun, I thought. Twitter announced that the race was on its way and the first support vehicles were greeted with enthusiastic cheers and waves. It was a small taster of the hysteria that was to come. Every police outrider then received similar cheers, whoops and raised thumbs, until the arrival of the first actual cyclists, when all hell broke loose.
By the time the m…

My Other Editors!

I sent the first draft of book 4 to my 'cousins' in Somerset over the weekend, *waves at Grace and Millie* and I have to say that I'm anticipating their comments with some excitement and trepidation. I've had some amazing feedback in the past from the teen members of my family *waves at Grace and Rachel in Sheffield* and ALWAYS take their suggestions very seriously. They have been my most supportive fans and honest critics which is, for a writer, a resource beyond value. Thank you girls. The peeps at my writers' group are pretty fab too, of course!
BTW Here's a pic of the new man in my life, Mister Wolf! Quite a looker isn't he? He's part of a top secret project and I can't tell you much yet, but watch out for more info towards the end of the year.

Holiday Project

Verity Fibbs is being printed (published in Oct) and the book 4 first draft has been delivered to my editor (more details very soon). Hurrah! So, I'm working on a holiday project for a month. It's a picture book and I'm having SO MUCH fun creating weird and wonderful characters. Here's one of my faves. It's totally amazing working in full colour, which I so rarely get the chance to do. It's also a lot harder than writing a novel (honestly) because I have to fit an entire story, with loads of visual jokes, into just 12 spreads! Aargh!