A Doodle

Here's an old doodle I found in my sketchbook. Not sure what to do with her. Next book? A whole book to herself? I like her blue hair and nails. Kinda cool. Any ideas?


  1. Put her in your next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. How about a troubled teen with Lots on her mind when her little sister gets kiddnapped only she can save her, whilst also finding out she has some pretty awesome powers like invisibility. Lol just a suggestion

  3. she looks more like a girl for ice. she has brown skintoun so she can be living in a hot land, it could be that she could have the power of ice. But she do not nowe it becouse she livs in a so hot country so the ice melts very kwik.
    But then she gote a letter that says that some old member of the family had died that she haft to go to maybe alaska, then ther it happens veary odd things. just a suggestion :)

  4. Wow! You guys are awesome! LOVE the troubled teen with power of invisibiltiy AND the ice idea is totally fab too. Have to say that YOU should write these stories yourselves. Don't give your best ideas away!! Cx :)


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