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Showing posts from June, 2011

Visual Storytelling @ Tormead

I spent the day at Tormead School writing scripts, drawing comics and making videos. Thank you everyone for making me so welcome (especially Mrs Clarke) and for being SO creative. You were awesome. I was really impressed by the abundance of talent - writers, artists, directors and actors (and comedians!!). I look forward to making a return visit with my next book. Highlight of the day? The dead body in the library (not a real one, obviously!).

Really Lovely Redhill

I spent today at Waterstone's in Redhill, Surrey, sketching and signing books. Lots of very cool-looking teens posed for me (check-out the 'sketchbook' page) and I chatted with some totally awesome readers. Redhill rocks! I MUST mention six girls who particularly impressed me. First, three friends who, finding they couldn't afford a book each, decided to share one copy between them - genius! (I just about found room for all their names when I signed it!). I wonder who will get to read 'Ember Fury' first. I must also mention Lori, Amie and Shirley, who were SO polite and charming. Here are the drawings I did of them. Currently my FAVE fans! :D

New Job

I started a new job today - Art Technician at St John's School (waves at lovely new colleagues whose names I have already forgotten... um, Jason, Sally2... um...) It's great to be back in art studios again. I'd missed the smell of paint and the feel of charcoal under my fingernails. But don't worry book fans, I'll still be writing (and drawing) in the afternoon, at weekends and all through the school holidays.

8 Holes?

Half-way through Half Term week and I've spent half the day inside (at my desk) and half in the garden. Had half a sandwich for lunch, half a tub of coleslaw, half a banana, drank half my cup of tea when hot and half when not (as usual!). I have sunburn on half my face (ouch!) and have half a mind to down tools in half an hour, but, as I'm half writer and half artist, I might attempt half a sketch first . . . and eat the other half of my sandwich! That makes 8 holes! (I mean wholes) *giggles*