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Here's the first pic...

No sign of rain yet.

Nice Day for a Wet Wedding?

I was planning to stroll over to our Royal Weddingvillage street party this Friday and do some drawings for you (it's going to be just around the corner from my cottage and so close I could watch from my studio window) but the forecast is for thunder storms. Oh dear! I suppose I could still do some sketching in the rain, under a brolly, of damp bunting and damp people eating damp sandwiches. Well, what do you expect in England at the end of April, huh? We've been due some April showers since... January! v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v(This is supposed to be bunting, by the way!!)

A Peek Inside my Studio

Readers are always asking me about how I create my illustrations. They want to know if I have a fancy computer-filled studio and interesting stuff like what paper, pens and brand of ink I use. I look forward to questions like this at book events because it's probably the part of my job which I enjoy the most. I love turning to a new page in my A4 sketchbook (I start a new one each month) or a nice fresh A3 layout pad. I love picking up my favourite propelling pencil and beginning to draw. Then I love opening a bottle of black ink and dipping in a nice new pen nib. When the ink is dry and I've erased the pencil lines, I scan the drawing and open Photoshop on my Mac. I've been working with Photoshop since the very first version hit the market (oops, I've given away my age!) so I feel just as comfortable with a Wacom stylus and tablet as I do with a pencil and paper. But I never forget that my computer is just another piece of equipment, another tool, in my studio. Being…

Thomas Bennett Villains!

Here are my fave villains from Thomas Bennett, although 'fave' is not quite the right word. 'Most terrifying' perhaps. Or 'the ones that gave me nightmares'. *shivers*

Crawley WordFest

Wow! Just about recovered from my completely brilliant day at Wordfest. I has SO MUCH fun and was looked after all day by Jamie and Jo (you're both incredible and thanks for all the chocolate biscuits!). The highlights were the questions asked at my Library event and the Graphic Novel Panel where I met some fantastic fellow 'creatives' and, I hope, new contacts. There was amazing talent in the audience too, which was very exciting. Congratulations to all on a truly excellent festival.

Ember makes a Top 10 List

The YA writer Cat Clarke included emo firestarter Em on her 'Top 10 books with teens behaving badly' list this morning in the Guardian. Yay! Thanks Cat. Check it out.