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A new festival starts this week, WordFest (2nd-8th April), and I'm lucky enough to be involved in three different events. On 7th April I'll be doing school workshops during the day, followed by a library event, then I'll be one of the 'experts' on the Graphic Novel Panel! Check out the WordFest website for all the other exciting events.

Portfolio Revamp

The Association of Illustrators' Portfolios have just been given a slick makeover, so I took the opportunity to update my own pages. I've added some new images and re-sized some old favourites. I've made Verity my intro icon too. Check it out... and tell me what you think.

240 Villains - My Faves

Well, at last, I've looked at all 240 of the amazing villains created by students at The Howard of Effingham School earlier this week. Wow! They are all brilliant and a few will be giving me nightmares for years! I wish I had space to post all of them but I've selected just a few of my faves. As well as the great pics above, I also loved the doughnut van, Ninja Mouse and the hamster sidekick with a weapon twice his size! Sorry if yours isn't included but even my initial shortlist of 100+ would have taken until Easter to scan! I'll be in the Library tomorrow lunchtime, signing books, if you want to come and chat.


Verity Fibbs cover proofs arrived today and now I have sunburn AND goosebumps! SO excited I might explode!

240 Villians!!!

Just completed the first of two action-packed days at The Howard of Effingham School and did 'Villain' character development workshops with 120 Year7s! That's a lot of villains and a lot of evil!! All 120 were completely brilliant and a few were hilarious - comedy genius! I was extremely impressed. I'll scan and post some of my faves later in the week, but in the meantime, here's one of my fave 'Villainous Vehicles'. Don't know who designed it as there's no name, but I want one!

My Brain - the ideas factory

I've been having lots of cool ideas this week. This always happens when I finish several projects at the same time. I can't stop my brain from beginning to dream up what I should do next and loads of weird characters and plot scenarios - most of them totally bonkers - pop into my head! Occasionally, something interesting will start to emerge. Today, it was two characters inspired by 'Romantic' paintings at Tate Britain. They are so scrummy I will have to use them in something but right now I can't think what. Perhaps they'll appear in the picturebook I'm working on. Or maybe they'll have an entire book of their own. What fun! I do love being an author!

A Full-on Friday!

I spent yesterday at The Warwick School in Redhill and had a brilliant but exhausting day. By the afternoon session I felt total empathy for a rather tired looking group of Yr9s. Despite it being extremely hard work, I really enjoyed the day, particularly spending lunch chatting with a group of very creative and interesting students (aspiring writers and artists). I am well known for my habit of drawing pupils and readers at my book events, but yesterday I had the tables turned on me - I had my own portrait drawn by Layla. I think it's excellent, very well observed. She didn't draw the dark shadows under my eyes though. Thank you Layla!

Adopt a Bookshop

I happened upon this awesome scheme this weekend. It's called ADOPT A BOOKSHOP, and was devised by a group of authors and illustrators calling themselves Trapped by Monsters ( The idea being that, in these challenging times, we authors can give something back to the booksellers who champion our work. My adopted bookshop will be no surprise to anyone who's attended launch events for Em and Scar. It's BARTON'S BOOKSHOP in Leatherhead, Surrey. Not only do I do events there whenever I can, but Peter from Barton's has often been lured out of his cosy shop to join me at school events, so that I can concentrate on chatting and signing (the fun stuff), while he sells oodles of my books. He sometimes joins in with the workshops too... though some day he will get so bored with the sound of my voice that he'll probably go completely mad! I highly recommend that you visit Barton's, in person or online at for a…


Oh no! Scarlett's head just came off! I mean Scarlett's life-size cardboard cut-out, of course. But it's a good thing she's already dead, right? Looks very painful! Her arm came off a couple of weeks ago so I guess I'll have to get the glue out again.


It's World Book Day and I spent it doing something I love - creative workshops. I was at Oxted Library this morning (Hi Oxted! *waves*) where the lists of super hero powers were some of the longest EVER! Then I drove to Leatherhead Library where I met pupils from my old school. Yay! As I mentioned to them, I did lessons in the same classrooms they do lessons in... just many many years later! I had a brilliant time at both venues and hope I can make a return visit to the libraries and schools when Verity Fibbs is published this Autumn. BTW, thanks for all your ideas for my next book. I'll post some of your artwork when I've scanned it, so watch this space...