Dedd Exciting News!!!

Richard and Judy have chosen 'Scarlett Dedd' for their Children's Book Club! Spook-tacular!! Yay Scarlett!! I've done a little drawing of the book-loving couple to celebrate. Richard and Judy's Children's Book Club, exclusively with WHSmith, launches on 27 January... today!
Checkout Scarlett's blog for her reaction too.


  1. I love your books!!!! I think the drawing is so so so SO good of Richard and Judy, your really talented!xxxx

  2. Aww, thanks Ruth. So nice of you to say that. I really enjoyed drawing R&J. They're totally cool! :D Cx

  3. Hi Cathy,

    I prefer your version to the 'official' cartoon!
    If they ever run a YA book club, this is the image they should use.
    Love it.


  4. I am a mega Mega fan!!! Your the best author I know :Dxxx


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