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Dedd Exciting News!!!

Richard and Judy have chosen 'Scarlett Dedd' for their Children's Book Club! Spook-tacular!! Yay Scarlett!! I've done a little drawing of the book-loving couple to celebrate. Richard and Judy's Children's Book Club, exclusively with WHSmith, launches on 27 January... today!
Checkout Scarlett's blog for her reaction too.

At my desk...

I'm rather busy juggling jobs at the moment and trying to get all sorts of things finished before I get EVEN BUSIER next week!! That new illustration job I mentioned will be arriving soon and I've been preparing for another round of fun school visits (can't wait). I've had to deal with a sick car this week too (poor thing) but she's better now, having had a load of expensive 'surgery'! I also have some very exciting news... but can't tell you just yet. This time next week I will be celebrating, so pop back in seven days and join me. We'll have a party :D
(This is one of the first drawings I ever did of Scarlett)

Holiday? What Holiday?

Just checked my diary and, yes, I had written HOLIDAY in giant red capital letters over the next two weeks. Huh! Yeah, right! When I wrote that word (many months ago) I assumed I'd have the same quiet January I had last year, but I suppose I should know by now that the life of a freelancer is never predictable (I've been self-employed for more than 20 years after all!). I'm busy busy busy with my next book (which I LOVE) and about to begin school visits and promotion for 'Scarlett' again (which I also LOVE). I've got an interesting illustration job coming soon, for a publisher I've never worked for before, so I'm quite excited about that too. Phew! Actually a good thing I didn't book two weeks in the sun, isn't it?

80's Graphics

I've been having some fun with 80's style graphics today. Cool!

Oh, BTW...
Hello 2011!