Friday, 31 December 2010


Counting down to 2011 (less than ten hours to go) so I thought it was about time I made some Resolutions. 1. Do more exercise (20mins on rowing machine every day)... 2. Eat less chocolate... 3. Stop swearing so much(!)... 4. Floss every day... 5. Vacuum floors more often... 6. Finish third book...
Hey! Wait a minute! Forget numbers 1-5. Finishing my next book is the only thing that matters, right? After all, a little chocolate doesn't hurt and swearing can be awfully funny and does hardly any real harm (especially as I mostly do it when I'm home alone or digging in the garden). The more exercise thing will remain on my list as I've grown disgusting spongy flabby bits over the Crimbo hols (50kg of chocolate perhaps?). But 2011 is the year of my newest character. I know you are going to love her. She's got a wicked streak but is just the sort of girl you'd want as your BFF. And her adventures... OMG! SO glamorous, so exciting and incredibly scary! Anyway, the clock is ticking and I'm off to find some chocolate for a last chance binge (and a bit of creative swearing!)...

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