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Dorking Waterstone's Christmas Book Event

I'll be sketching and teen-chatting atDorking Waterstone's next Saturday 4th December.
Come along and meet
Ember& Scarlett
and get a sneak preview of my exciting 2011 book. We'll have videos, drawings and lots of fun giveaways (so come early). See you there!

Return Visit

I spent my lunch break in a sunny school library today, chatting with students about my new book and signing my previous publications - author heaven! Thank you to Mrs Skene at Guildford High School for inviting me back. Here are some pics (thanks again to Mrs Skene) of the last time I was there, before the half term break - a brilliant day!

YoungMinds Book Award

I attended my first ever award event last night and it was awesome! Our Em was shortlisted for The YoungMinds Book Award so my agent Penny, editor Hannah and I put on our matching heels and chic black outfits (fluke not planned!) and set off for the Unicorn Theatre. We didn't win (huge congratulations to Siobahn Curham) but if that's losing then winning must be phenomenal! It was so much fun chatting to my fellow authors, assorted editors and judges, and best of all a sprinkling of teen readers. Marvelous!

Moody New Book

I've been designing pages for my new book and having fun with a moody, film noir style - Venetian blinds, deep shadows and dark streets.


Mad about zombies today after watching awesome first episode of The Walking Dead. Bit violent and gory in parts for younger viewers but looks stunning. Every frame is comicbook perfect, as is the casting of Andrew Lincoln. This is defo the most exciting telly since Lost. Hope it doesn't go silly or tedious like Lost tho. Can't wait for next week.


Phew! Back at my 'desk' after two months of mega Scarlett Dedd touring and a few days of feeling poorly. I'm now gearing-up for an end of year creative splurge! I've moved my studio to my dining room, which is brilliant. Don't know why I didn't do this years ago as it's a much nicer place to work and I always end up here when it's just me and my laptop. I can spread out on the dining room table, watch the birds from the window, have my printer, scanner and art materials at arms length and I'm only a few steps away from the kitchen. Perfect! I've already done three illustration jobs in my new nest and am about to do some layout sketches for my new book and begin designs for a Christmas card. Excellent!