Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain, rain, more rain...

Rain, rain, more rain... Well, at least those shrubs I planted last week have had the perfect weather. I, on the other hand, have been wickedly increasing my carbon footprint by keeping my lights and heating switched on for a large part of the day. Ooo, that's weird! As I write, the sun has come out and is pouring down on my desk. Just a sec while I turn the lights off and take off my cardi...

That's better.

I've had a familiar problem this week - too many small jobs to do - which always makes me rather confused and indecisive. Am I in a serious paperwork mood or a fun drawing mood? Do I want to get the domestic jobs done that I've been putting off all summer? Shall I update my digital portfolio or design a new promotional flyer? Or should I get really creative and throw myself, head first, into a new book idea? Mmm... I've just remembered it's Sunday afternoon, that I finished my accounts and tax return yesterday, and that I should reward myself by making a cup of tea and watching Hot Fuzz! Sorted!

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