Friday, 11 June 2010

Just back from a visit to my favourite art shop where I bought two new sketchbooks and a stack of layout pads. I was prompted to get restocked by a query from my agent about my newest character, 'Have you drawn her yet? Can't wait to see what she looks like.' Her email sent a shiver down my spine because I've not even done a rough sketch. She's not there in my head. This is horrifying! In the past, I have always drawn my characters BEFORE I write the book so I'm feeling a little frantic. I've been staring at teenage girls in the street (a little freaky) and flicking through magazines, hoping she'll pop up and I'll be able to yell 'Eureka! That's her!' I've decided to just doodle a bit this afternoon, see if she just materialises out of my pencil marks. Wish me luck. I'll post the results...

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