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Showing posts from June, 2010
Loving this weather and my office move to the bottom of the garden (bliss!) but oh so tempting to simply doze under the rose arbour listening to the radio rather than write.
I've been going through the final page layouts of 'Scarlett Dedd' today and it's looking SO COOL! I'm stupidly excited about it. I have this big, moronic grin on my face. Pages 164-165 are hilarious. I'm not going to tell you what we did with the text, but I'll give you a clue - reading it makes you dizzy... in a good way! There are illustrations I did more than twelve months ago that I'm seeing with fresh eyes and saying 'Did I do that? It's totally awesome!' I don't feel so bad about being inside all day and missing all this lovely sunshine. An excellent day!
I've wasted a vast amount of good writing time today. First I couldn't get comfy and changed my slippers, jumper, chair height and the angle of my desk lamp. Then I decided I needed a playlist to get me in the mood and mucked about with itunes and my pod for a couple of hours! Now I seem to be online again (!) having logged on for a tiny bit of picture research. Aaarrgghh! Just get on with it, Cathy! Right... press 'publish post' then open 'Honesty Draft'... Do it now, you idiot!
Sketches for my new book are getting a sort of Film Noir quality which I kinda like. I think it may become quite a dark tale even though it's mostly set in the glossy world of fashion.
Know what 'H' will look like, at last. Phew!
For a thoroughly modern girl I do seem to have a super-traditional cottage garden and it is looking glorious right now, even though the weeds far outnumber the proper plants this year. Life is too short for weeding... and deadlines too frequent!
Just back from a visit to my favourite art shop where I bought two new sketchbooks and a stack of layout pads. I was prompted to get restocked by a query from my agent about my newest character, 'Have you drawn her yet? Can't wait to see what she looks like.' Her email sent a shiver down my spine because I've not even done a rough sketch. She's not there in my head. This is horrifying! In the past, I have always drawn my characters BEFORE I write the book so I'm feeling a little frantic. I've been staring at teenage girls in the street (a little freaky) and flicking through magazines, hoping she'll pop up and I'll be able to yell 'Eureka! That's her!' I've decided to just doodle a bit this afternoon, see if she just materialises out of my pencil marks. Wish me luck. I'll post the results...
Phew! What a week! The last seven days have been a frenzy of creative activity. I still haven't cleared my desk but I'm very pleased indeed at how productive I've been. One thing that is now confirmed in my mind is my inability to multi-task - or anybody's to be honest. When you have a huge pile of work there is no point trying to flit from one job to the other. That's just going to end in a superficial outcome and confusion. You just have to focus, do the job to the best of your ability, finish it, THEN move on to the next.