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Here's one of the characters I drew yesterday. I was just about to add colour when I was reminded of a brilliant conversation I had with my five year old niece last week. Auntie: 'Here's my latest picture book.' Niece: 'Did you do the writing AND the pictures?' Auntie: 'No, a lady called Karen did the writing.' Niece: 'And who did the colouring in?' Cute, huh?
I think I've cracked it!!! I woke up this morning with a genius plot twist for a potential book 4 - the 'time travel' book. Woohoo! This is why I have a notebook beside my bed (The entire story of Scarlett Dedd came to me in exactly the same way - I woke up with the whole story, from first to last page, playing in my head like a movie). I think I might have been inspired by the last episode of Lost, but only in that I realised I had to have a completely stunning twist at the end. In fact, there are THREE 360º plot twists that should knock the reader's socks off! I've been trying to think of a way to tackle time-shift without being clichéd, without any reference to Relativity or Einstein, and without using a time machine. Quite a challenge, but I may have managed it. I know you're probably saying, 'But you've got to write book 3 first, Cathy'. Yeah, I know, but having a plot outline for the fourth makes me feel a little more secure - I alway…
So... another Bank Holiday Weekend and I'm working! I realised the other day that I've not had an ACTUAL holiday in three years and my weekends blended into the working week LONG AGO! Self-employed freelancers have enforced holidays - when the work dries up - followed by crazy deadlines that completely ignore the human need for the occasional lazy Sunday Brunch or Bank Holiday Bar-B-Q. Still, mustn't grumble. The illustration jobs I'm doing this Holiday Weekend are pretty cool and, if the sun comes out, I can sketch in the garden. Though, having just looked up from my laptop to check the weather, I think I might be wrapped in my cashmere cardi, sitting at this desk for the next three days instead!
Another bangin' day at The Howard!! (AND I'm going back on Friday to sign more books!) I've been looking through the amazing characters created over two days of workshops because I promised that I'd post some of them here. Almost impossible to choose as I loved so many of them... but, here are the costumes and character ideas that stood out: Dominic's' Time Man', Charlotte's 'Aqua Girl', 'Lupius' by Edward, Peter's 'Super Shifter', Hayley's green spotty wellies (!), 'Jessie Frizzo' by Florence, 'Uniboy' by Hamish, the bright costume of 'Vanish' by Vanisha, 'Parima Green' by Lucy, 'Pyro Guy' by Callum, 'Tara the Goth' by Jessie, Oliver's 'Do It Man', 'Ebony' by Issy... AND I've scanned my faves (see above).
Awesome week! Can't believe this weather. Made a start on my new book over this scorching weekend and completely love my latest characters. Meeting up with Sam at Headline to talk 'Scarlett' publicity on Wednesday so can't wait for that. And just got back from a terrific morning at The Howard of Effingham School. Very hot but brilliant fun. I laughed a lot and was really impressed by the creativity despite the heatwave. Back again tomorrow and I plan to post some of the students' artwork here later this week... watch this space.
Illustrating another spoof horror by Michael Cox this week. Monster-tastic! I love getting stuck into some scary sketching. This one is oozing with mad scientists, green goo, stinky labs, foggy moors and some super-freakoid mutants! Eeerrgghh! What could be more thrilling? Well, I'll tell you what! 'Ember Fury' has been long listed for the Young Minds Book Award! Totally-mega-thrilling!!
I'm planning some research and inspiration trips now that Summer is on the horizon... not that it feels like it with temperatures dropping to single figures DURING THE DAY! What's that about?! Perhaps I'll be visiting more museums than beaches.
Drowning in the middle a lake of admin. this week. Maybe not drowning but treading water. The more time I spend sorting invoices and answering correspondence the further I seem to drift away from truly creative activity. Hope someone throws a life line soon and I can paddle back to shore. I need to get to the beach and set up camp for my next project... mmm. Am I stretching this analogy too far?!! One more email then I'll pull on arm bands and flippers... and get my sketchbook out!