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From 'Scarlett Dedd' © 2009
Wrote the first chapter of an Ember Fury sequel yesterday. Have a suspicion that my being back at UCA teaching has sparked the plot idea. Not ready to reveal much yet but will say that it's about Ember at (you guessed it) Art School! I've now got FOUR project on the go - one nearly finished. Perhaps more time writing the books and less writing this blog would be a good idea! Signing off.
Lecturing back at UCA, Epsom again this week. It's been seven, maybe eight months since I was there. Best thing about returning was catching up with colleagues and old friends. Biggest challenge? Learning 30+ new names!
The Kazuo Ishiguro is turgid! Half-way through and if I didn't have a glimmer of hope that there'll be some sort of revelatory ending, I'd have discarded it after ten pages. Yes, it's clever and yes, it's an interesting idea, but not quite the romp I needed to get me through another icy week! Shall persevere none the less...
New Year, new sketchbook, new determination to read more. Sorted through my bookshelves yesterday and found 14 (!) I'd not even opened, including a Kazuo Ishiguro, bought in 2005 and stuck behind a dictionary since then. January is such a depressing month - cold to the bone every day, no money or time for a holiday and the misery of at least three months until the weather gets better. Perhaps this year I can treat my 'January Blues' with daily doses of great literature. Mmm... as long as reading the works of proper, clever writers doesn't make me feel even worse!